Sponsor an m-health initiative

mh2--mHealth for Mental Health


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Sponsor an m-health initiative

MINDS foundation in collaboration with Medic Mobile (San Francisco, CA, USA) has recently launched an SMS-based mental health screening tool to ensure that all those in our geographic region are provided with access to necessary mental health services. Through our joint efforts, we have been able to launch our pilot via training of six Community Mental Healthcare Workers. In 2015, we aim to expand this program to ensure that a population of 50,000 rural citizens are provided with this outreach effort. Combining this screening effort will allow our team to effectively provide care to those at-risk and setup efficient triage systems.

Will you aid us in this expansion?


  1. James Feng $25
  2. RUCHI DASS $10
  3. Michelle Saulnier $10
  4. alice and jim hadler $35
  5. Wendell Wallach $50
  6. Robby Ramdin $51