The Kamal Nadkarni Annual Fund for Rural Mental Health Care and Education


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The Kamal Nadkarni Annual Fund for Rural Mental Health Care and Education

My Grandmother’s Story

In the 1960s, after a long battle with depression my grandmother had passed away at the city’s only big mental hospital in India. She raised five children and her postpartum depression which grew worse with every pregnancy did not have very many treatment options back in the day. Electroconvulsive therapy rendered her mute and catatonic. The stigma surrounding mental illness made it difficult to care for her at home and after years of social isolation, her struggle finally ended at the mental hospital.

My Story

My struggle with depression has been far easier and being in the United States has helped me considerably with regards to social acceptance, counseling and management. Treatment options and psychiatric care in India have come a long way since my grandmother’s diagnosis but the social stigma associated with mental illness continues. People rarely seek psychiatric help or counseling for depression or other mental health issues. Even educated people are reluctant to talk about their struggles with mental illness. Low economic and rural areas have very little access to modern psychiatry. Hence, this year, for my father’s 70th birthday, I am starting an annual fund in his mother’s memory to help mental health awareness and care in the low economic rural areas of India where help is most needed.

My hope is that someday, mental illness is treated like other manageable chronic disorders driven by chemical imbalances because I believe that a healthy mind is the essence of a happy life.

Dr. Aditi Ashok Nadkarni

Associate Research Scientist

New York University, NY 10003


$300 every year to fund free mental health consultation and diagnostic screening in 3 villages.
$100 for a free-lance journalist for an article published in a popular, established Indian daily or newsmagazine covering mental health issues (submissions will be reviewed and one journalist chosen every year).
$100 for an annual awareness drive including street plays, video screenings and talks.

  1. Alexis Doyle $15
  2. Jenny Pokorny $50
  3. Anonymous Donor $100
  4. Anonymous Donor $100
  5. Anonymous Donor $100
  6. sandy b $25
  7. Aditi Nadkarni $50
  8. Ashmita Patnaik $25